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Music is my religion project

hey guys, gonna launc a new site at soon. Registered a facebook fan page and was wondering if u guys could like it! : )

Music my religion

Traffic exchange project 2

Decided to take another shot at the traffic exchange promotion project. Build a splash page with trackers inside to see if people actually click trough. I’m looking for good traffic exchanges to sign up with. I’ll sign up as your referral please drop a comment if you are interested.

Check out my new traffic splash page -> Traffic exchange Splash.
Check the links for a list of good traffic exchange sites. I’m looking for more though. drop a comment!

If you are interested in your own custom splash page I can set you up. Leave a comment

Friendfinder affiliate payment proof

I took a shot with friend finder as affiliate and truly hit the jackpot. Me and a friend worked together to try and make a payout on their very attracting affiliate program. Friend finder offers a stunning $1 for each base member you refer. It’s however obligatory to provide quality referrals. If u do not provide decent traffic you risk getting put on a less converting plan. Gptcheats took a shot and won the jackpot. I cashed out $105 yesterday!

Friend finder affiliate was a shot, I wasn’t sure they would pay. But I’m excited they do! check out this payment proof.
friendfinder affiliate payment proof
Want to know how exactly I made this $100? Well : ) I might be releasing a guide for this soon. depends on my partner in this biz. Anyway if u fancy a chat. U can still find me on MSN – SYNBITZ[att]HOTMAIL(d0t)COM!


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Hackfile is in love with gptcheats

this one goes out to one of my friend webmasters. Go go Hackfile

need people for private business, will pay paypal, contact me

I worked long and hard… but FINALLY… I have pre-released my new website.

I’m looking for people to work with, private GPT JOBS. contact me if u want to make money directly from me – email synbitz [at] gmail (dot) com


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